Dino Diaries #8 | Friendships in Paleo Pines

September 21, 2022

Howdy Ranchers!

It’s time to talk about something that’s a huge pillar in Paleo Pines: the bond between dinosaurs and humans! We’ll also be exploring some of the connections between the islanders and even a little about how our dinosaurs interact with each other… Hold on tight for this Dino Diaries, there’s a lot of cuteness inbound!

This time we’re back with our wonderful Game Director, Nina. She’ll be telling us all about the different interactions and relationships you can have in Paleo Pines.

We’ve talked about the important bond you have with Lucky, but what about the relationship between player and dinosaurs they take home to their ranch?
It’s always special to make a new friend! After taking a wild dino home to your ranch, building them a lovely pen to live in and making sure you have all the items your dino needs to live comfortably, you can really start bonding with your dinosaur. You can even give them a name, if you like! On the ranch, you can take care of your dino and build your friendship with them to a point where you can ride them anywhere and they’ll even be able to help you out on the Ranch!

A Velociraptor helping out with harvesting crops on the ranch

In what ways can the player improve the bond with the dinos on their ranch?
There are lots of different ways to improve the friendship with your new dino! A very important factor is their diet – you shouldn’t feed carnivore food to a herbivore! Aside from the regular food, there are many other snacks to choose from that your dino will either like or dislike. Another big one is love and attention, an occasional pat on the nose goes a long way. And be sure to take them for a walk or ride in the wild too, as they love to spend time with you!

When you bring dinosaurs out into the wild with you, does your bond with them have a big impact on how they behave?
A dino’s behaviour is linked to their friendship with you. The better the friendship with your dino, the more likely they are to let you put a saddle on them (if they’re big enough) to roam around Paleo Pines to help out with certain tasks. This can vary from opening up new areas to helping you find collectibles in the wild!

A Pachycephalosaurus smashing obstacles in the wild

Do different types of dinosaurs have different personalities?
Yes! There are some species characteristics. For example, some species of dinosaur are much more relaxed and become helpers easily, while others are fussier and slower to develop a trusting relationship. There are also individual personalities which, if you observe them carefully, you might be able to spot even in the wild before you tame them. For example, lazy dinosaurs run around less and sleep more. Social dinos interact more with other dinosaurs. And devoted dinosaurs love helping and spending time with you most of all!

What about the bonds dinosaurs hold with each other?
Some dinosaurs in Paleo Pines prefer to be alone, and some prefer to live in a small pack of 2-3, and some love living in a herd! You can even put a carnivore and a herbivore together in one pen – but it does make them feel a little uncomfortable to be around each other’s food. Two dinos might also interact with each other in the wild, which is a lot of fun to watch. We recommend hiding in the foliage and just watching them frolic!

And what about relationships between the NPCs? Do they all just get along?

The first village you encounter is Pebble Plaza, which is a small settlement. This means that everyone knows each other! As the new kid on the block, you’ll get to know everyone too, together with their quirks and existing relationships. Some of the settlers get along better with each other than others, and with a bit of effort maybe you can help them get over their differences.

How does the player’s relationship with NPC’s develop over time?
Unlike other wholesome games, you can’t build relationships with the folks in Paleo Pines by giving them gifts every day. Instead, the inhabitants have their own stories and quests. By supporting them on their personal journey, you will gradually get to know them and build a friendship. Maybe you’ll help Marlo discover his life’s calling, or encourage Pippin to try new things. A seed of friendship is planted, and eventually blooms into a tree.

And that’s it for this Dino Diaries! We hope you’re looking forward to befriending both dinos and humans in Paleo Pines!

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