Dino Diaries #7 | Pebble Plaza

March 9, 2022

Howdy Ranchers,

In this Dino Diaries we’re looking at the bustling community hub that is Pebble Plaza! Located near Veridian Valley, this area is a welcoming place, where inhabitants of Paleo Pines come to socialise, shop and sell their wares! There’s a variety of characters and traders to be found here, some of them regulars and some of them only on certain days… Join us as we dive a little deeper into the look and the people of Pebble Plaza!

The Pebble Plaza fountain at night

The look of Pebble Plaza

The plaza went through a few iterations over time, and the person who has spent the most time working on this area is our fantastic artist Jakub! We talk to him about what went into the creation, and show off some of his favourite locations.

What was the inspiration behind the look/feel of Pebble Plaza?

We wanted to capture a close sense of community in Pebble Plaza, it’s supposed to feel very comfortable, familiar, and safe. It was important for us to show the player how full of life and history the Plaza is. NPCs have gathered there for a long time so it was crucial to us that it feels homely and lived in, somewhere that the player and the NPCs would love to spend time together.

Can you show us/tell us about some of the changes that have been made to the plaza over time?

The Plaza went through a few iterations. We were playing around with the idea of it being more structural than the rest of Paleo Pines (walkways made of stone, more intricate decorations etc.) but after trying out a few concepts, we decided that going with a more homely feeling would make the most sense for Paleo Pines.. Pebble Plaza now feels as if the residents came together and all chipped in to make their favourite gathering place pretty and welcoming.

What is your favourite spot in this community hub?

On the left as you enter the Plaza the stalls are covered by some nice shade from the trees, it just looks so calm and pretty during a sunny summer day. But my most favourite things are the little vegetable patches the residents of Pebble Plaza have beside their houses, as this just adds so much subtle life to the whole area.

One of the gardens in Pebble Plaza

If you had your own little stall in Pebble Plaza, what would you be selling?

This may be a bit too obvious for an artist, but I’d probably sell paintings or decorations for the residents of Paleo Pines. I’d want everyone to enjoy their own space and I’d love to help them make that happen.

Colourful Characters

There are quite a few vendors in Pebble Plaza, selling items with all kinds of uses! Vendors come from all over the land, selling us their goods. Anything you need can be found here! Let us introduce a few of the lovely people you can find in the Plaza.


Need useful items for your ranch? Marlo’s got you! This gentle giant is a regular at Pebble Plaza, peddling various items at his woodworking stall. He is doing his best to do his part for the community, but due to some unforeseen issues he’s only able to provide simple goods at the start – fence posts, gates, a few farm accessories. Of course, later on, his inventory expands! Marlo is a talented craftsman with a big heart, who won’t back down from lending a hand whenever he can.


Another item that’s very useful in your exploration of Paleo Pines is treats! Pippin runs the treat stall in the plaza, where they sell a selection of differently flavoured treats. It appears wild dinosaurs love these treats too, and they’re great for taming… Don’t tell Pippin though, they’re making them for humans to eat! Pippin is stubborn and set in their ways (they love their treats JUST the way they are) but with a little nudge from a friend, we’re sure they’ll come around and create some exciting new flavours!

Granny Agami

An essential part of farming is… Seeds! Granny sells seeds, vegetables and other produce at her stall – perfect for all aspiring ranchers! A stubborn and steadfast old raptor, Granny loves to help out and give useful farming tips where needed but don’t dare to offer any help in return, she can do it herself thank you very much! Even though she’s getting on in age, she won’t back down from getting her hands dirty in her own garden, producing and growing the seeds and crops she sells all on her own at her cottage in the forest.

And that’s it for this Dino Diaries! We can’t wait for everyone to visit Pebble Plaza and meet the plethora of friendly and colourful characters that can be found here.

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