Pachy Patch Notes

October 11, 2023

Below are the most recent post-release patch notes for Paleo Pines. We’re continuing to gather and fix bugs so a huge thank you to everyone who is sending through reports on Discord!

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Please report any new bugs in the Paleo Pines Discord channel. Thanks for playing!


1.2.23 UPDATES

  • Memory optimizations, particularly when holding a hoe, shovel, watering can, seeds, or fertilizer or with many dinos on the ranch.
  • Improved visuals and performance of ash and aspen trees.
  • Fixed seams in the Megalosaurus pattern which were visible from a distance.
  • Added extra quest log tasks for “Owynn’s Unfinished Masterpiece” to make it clearer what to do.
  • Added a secret seat in Dapplewood.
  • Fixed being able to give a treat without actually consuming it by spamming the journal button.
  • Missing tools (journal, hoe, shovel, watering can, or flute) are now restored when booting the game, so that item loss bugs can’t totally break the game.


1.2.22 UPDATES

  • Improved visuals and performance of distant willow trees.
  • Fixed Orani’s crafting UI which was broken in 1.2.20.


1.2.21 UPDATES

  • Discovered, but not mastered, recipes now appear in the cooking UI so you can easily see which ingredients they need (but not how many).
  • When adding items to a resource project (windmill, sleeping patch, etc.) you can now click the amount to type in an exact number.
  • Fixed endgame budding day visitors sometimes playing incorrect dialog and not giving a gift.
  • Upgraded Unity, which comes with various fixes and small performance improvements.


1.2.20 UPDATES

  • Fixed Kentrosaurus eating very slowly when befriending them.
  • Fixed some endgame Triassea Picnic dialog not being triggered.
  • Fixed Pippin’s position during the “Art For Marlo!” cutscene.
  • Tops/bottoms are no longer shown as equipped when an outfit is equipped.
  • Decor items now have icons indicating their biome in the inventory, crafting UI, etc.
  • Fix Switch failing to save (caused by the reduction to 30 MB in 1.2.18).
  • You can now use the arrow keys to move (thanks Arduina for the suggestion).


1.2.19 UPDATES

  • Memory optimizations when farming, placing paths, and changing pen biomes.
  • Fixed a softlock caused by pausing while manually saving the game.
  • Fixed a slight camera judder while the player is moving.


1.2.18 UPDATES

  • Reduced maximum save data size to 30 MB (there must be some overhead on Switch, since 2×32 MB came out as 66 MB total in the previous build).
  • Small memory optimization to CSV data to reduce out-of-memory crashes.


1.2.17 UPDATES

  • Peach trees in Dapplewood now fruit during Cretumnus rather than Jurassos.
  • Reduced maximum save data size to 32 MB as that’s the limit on Switch (8 MB per character).
  • Fixed missing fence connectors when replacing one fence type with another.
  • Orani will no longer repeatedly take 100 chilis in “Let’s Get Spicy”.
  • The Umber Poppin in “Taste Test” will no longer be sent to ranch storage if it doesn’t fit in the inventory, and you can no longer complete the quest without it.
  • Granny’s bandage now disappears at the beginning of “Look! New Nook!” rather than after the end of “Scorching Spiceghetti”.
  • Marlo will no longer gift a broom every budding day after missing him once.
  • Ariacotta Garden Ponds can now be used to fill the watering can and with watering dinos.
  • The hoe and shovel no longer destroy certain decor items.
  • Shoveling plants and paths now returns the item to the inventory.
  • When selling items, they are now removed from the stack you selected rather than the first available stack, to avoid confusion.


1.2.16 UPDATES

  • Fixed a hang when displaying Mari’s dino storage when the default dino has notes.
  • Fixed some German translations in the ‘dino care’ section of the journal.
  • Fixed hubs with 4 assigned helpers only showing the first helper’s name.
  • Fixed the “Herd Mentality” quest asking for incorrect ingredients and allowing the player to skip the ingredients phase entirely.
  • Added padding around the descriptions in the dinodex to stop them being cut off.
  • Fixed unpausing during dialogue resulting in no selected choice if navigation input received at the same time.
  • Fixed tree produce falling out of ranch bounds.
  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck on garden bench collision.
  • Dialog name text should now autosize for very long player names.
  • Fixed missing Dilophosaurus footfall VFX/SFX when sprinting.
  • Fixed some desert rocks using valley rock materials.
  • Fixed Coelophysis carrot nose placement floating above snoot.
  • Fixed floating grass near the giant pot (Switch only).
  • Fixed newest save slots being lost if save data exceeded 5 MB for a single character.


1.2.15 UPDATES

  • Added extra footprints to the second Corythosaurus tracking quest to make them easier to find.
  • Fixed repaired composters respawning and replacing dreamstones placed where they used to be.
  • Fixed the sky briefly glitching (wrong time of day) when returning to the ranch after the “Music of the Night” quest.
  • Fixed various dino AI errors from the Unity crashboard – it’s unknown whether these errors visibly affected dino behavior:
    • Observing a human while the human’s game object was destroyed.
    • Attempting to till or plant seeds in a soil tile just as the player removed it.
    • Attempting to work a hub just as the player picked it up.
  • Fixed slightly raised areas of ranch terrain which clipped through grid paint.
  • Fixed dropped items being able to fall past the edge of the navmesh where they couldn’t be retrieved.
  • Fixed GrannyArc7 (“All in the Wrist”) and PippinArc12 (“A Brand New Bakery”) being triggerable at the same time, causing duplicates of Granny and Marlo.
  • Fixed a Spanish translation error which caused confusion between blueberries and cranberries.
  • Fixed unreasonably large collision on the Palo Verde tree.
  • Fixed the Spanish translation claiming that Euoplocephalus stands on two legs rather than short legs.


1.2.14 UPDATES

  • Fixed getting stuck after placing a seed bowl and leaving the ranch or reloading.
  • Minor Centrosaurus animation fixes.
  • Strings for other languages are no longer loaded into memory.
  • Fixed crops/soil spawning under a pine tree added in the last Switch update.
  • Changed ‘Marlo’s Statue’ to ‘Triceratops Statue’.
  • Fixed animation when mounting a dino while it played its ‘disgusted’ animation (e.g. immediately after waking up).
  • Dino head look is now disabled during petting, so the hand positioning is more consistent.


1.2.13 UPDATES

  • Credited individual linguists who worked on the translations.
  • Fixed a seam in the Ariacotta navmesh for large dinos.
  • Fixed a broken task in “Stone Mason Owynn” if you already had the required stone.
  • Reduced the size of save data to fix out of memory crashes on some platforms.
  • Fixed a couple of broken player animations when riding a Triceratops.
  • Fixed a forest puddle blocking navigation for large dinos.


1.2.12 UPDATES

  • Fixed Mari’s dino storage not working correctly with very old saves.
  • Fixed incorrect weather being set when loading a slot with a different season to the main menu season.
  • Fixed some Shenanigan dinos clipping into the upgraded library.
  • Fixed weird text wrapping for long catalog ingredient names.
  • NPC wallets now reset daily regardless of game day (reduces the impact of the game day reset bug).
  • Desert merchants now start work at 6am, for a much healthier 13 hour work day.
  • Encode save data JSON one slot at a time to save memory.
  • Fixed following dinos getting stuck in forced walk mode.
  • Fixed being unable to use seeds in recipes, which made sesame buns impossible to cook.
  • Mari and Owynn now appear properly in the Plaza for Shenanigan.
  • Fixed a typo in one of Owynn’s Shenanigan lines.
  • Fixed a softlock when quitting while harvesting a wild collectable.
  • Slightly improved valley GPU performance by changing the heightmap of the terrain’s rock layer.


1.2.11 UPDATES

  • Changed one of Oviraptor’s note bubbles to match the new friend call.
  • Fixed bad grammar in the name of a task for the Flour Power quest.
  • Fixed floating items on a Wisdom Day picnic table.
  • Fixed Triassea Picnic food pile donations being lost when loading an autosave.
  • Fixed not being able to spray water outside of the ranch, except by dismounting.
  • Fixed being able to access Mari’s dino storage from anywhere, which either spawns the dinosaur far away, or causes an error (if you’re not in Veridian Valley).


1.2.10 UPDATES

  • Fixed dino animations getting stuck if they were interrupted while interacting with a toy.
  • Changed the Oviraptor song again to prevent it overlapping with the ‘follow’ command.
  • Another fix for broken cooking tutorials in old saves – this time if you hadn’t done the tutorial.
  • Fixed AveryArc6 (“Memory of Mac”) only taking 4 corn rather than 5.



  • Owynn’s first visit dialogue is now triggered by interaction with him at his house rather than when you get near.
  • Fixed a typo in one of Orani’s lines.
  • Changed Pippin’s dino companion icon in the journal to the Dimetrodon.
  • Fixed the pear tree giving the player a pear rather than a sprout when dug up.
  • Fixed various dino toys where the dino was unable to reach the interaction point.
  • Fixed various misplaced characters in the Swamp Feast cutscene.
  • Award certain achievements retroactively in case they were missed by playing the demo (Steam only).
  • Marlo no longer appears near his house on Sundays while you’re meant to be finding him.
  • The taming tutorial can no longer occur on Mari’s budding day or a festival.
  • Disallow stack splitting on non-draggable inventories (e.g. in cooking).
  • Improved the ranch house upgrade cutscene.
  • Fixed the cooking pot not being pickup-able on the ranch.
  • Fixed potential missing recipes for those who completed Avery’s quests before the fix (1.1.19).
  • Allow the player to move seamlessly across TryAvoid areas and navmesh glitches. This should fix the remaining cases of ‘invisible walls’.



  • Fixed remaining PS4 loading screen crashes caused by insufficient onion memory for save data serialization.
  • Fixed an exploit to get infinite items from compost machines and windmills.
  • Mari’s dino records are now sorted by species.
  • Increased the respawn chance of logs which drop forest wood.
  • Rebaked ranch nav with a smaller tile size to hopefully fix the ‘invisible wall’ issues.


  • Memory optimizations to fix out-of-memory crashes on PS4 and Switch, especially with larger save files.
  • Added a cheat to ‘stress test’ the save system by generating the maximum number of manual saves.
  • Added a cheat to start from an older save, to test save data upgrading.
  • Freya now sells a cooking pot so you can cook on the ranch.
  • Made steeds more obedient after dismounting. They’ll now always resume following if they were following before, and they won’t run away when dismounted on the ranch.
  • Fixed infinitely respawning tutorial saddle when loading older saves.
  • Fixed the WisdomDayMaster achievement not being progressive, and not unlocking at all on PS5.
  • Fixed distant LODs of the sandstone wall reverting to normal grey stone.


  • Fixed biome tiles on the ranch not updating/erasing correctly when modifying pens.
  • Biome tiles will no longer overwrite path tiles.
  • All ‘weekday’ dinos are now ‘rare’. Previously most were ‘uncommon’ but one was ‘ultra rare’, which was incorrect.
  • Dinos discovered via tracking will now have an alert (!) to make them easier to spot.
  • Dino notes can no longer be so long the text becomes unreadably small.
  • Fixed Psittacosaurus getting stuck when interacting with cushions on the ranch.
  • Fixed Lucky only accepting 0 star mangoes for the ‘cheer Lucky up with a mango’ task.
  • Fixed Mari’s facing position during Triassea Picnic.
  • Renamed the ‘game speed’ setting to ‘day length’.
  • Fixed Coelophysis cheeks staying visible when they sleep in an upgraded sleeping patch.
  • Fixed small dinos stealing extra seeds (one from each stack) from seed hubs.
  • Fixed an error causing dinos to be able to spray water infinitely outside of the ranch.
  • Fixed ranch storage filters behaving strangely after adding items to the ‘all’ category.
  • Harvest boosts now apply while mounted.
  • Fixed Owynn’s legs moving strangely after skipping quickly through dialog when meeting him and Mari on day 1.
  • Fixed some player dialog being said by Owynn instead.
  • Fixed broken cooking tutorials when loading saves from before 1.1.18.
  • Changed the flute prompt layout used for controllers to make it more intuitive.
  • Stamina now slowly regenerates when sitting.
  • Fixed errors and lost items when sweeping a trough or hub with the broom.
  • Fixed ‘Marlo’ being spelled ‘Mario’ in a couple of French strings.
  • Dino tilling fixes – hopefully you should no longer be able to escape the ranch!
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to study desert dinos for a town board job.
  • Fixed soil disappearing and/or duplicate seeds if you interrupted a small dino at work.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into the ranch if the entire thing is one huge pen.
  • Improved performance when placing various objects on the ranch or picking them up.
  • Fixed invisible walls being left behind after clearing certain types of debris.


  • Fixed incorrect compression settings for Oviraptor’s pattern, causing it to appear solid on PS4. (This was fixed for Switch/Xbox One in 1.2.2.)
  • Fixed Owynn being partially offscreen during a cutscene with Mari in Pebble Plaza.
  • Fixed some grass placement and terrain painting in Veridian Valley (Switch only).
  • Fixed a place where the player could fall into Marlo’s creek and get stuck.
  • Fixed an incorrect earthy Poppin material (Switch only).
  • Fixed trees not blocking the placement of buildings (and dino poop) on the ranch. (Switch only.)
  • Changed ‘yippee’ and ‘yawn’ SFX to the voice volume group.


  • Fixed placeholder Xbox package metadata which slipped through the cracks.
  • Fixed broken follower icons for some Troodon patterns.
  • Changed main menu lighting to daytime when entering character customization.
  • Fixed tomato soup boost values.
  • Moved the blur setting to the Video category, and added a new ‘reduced’ setting as well as on/off.
  • Added a setting to control how quickly time passes in game.


  • Fixed a typo in a Freya market string.
  • Fixed a gap between two vines on the ranch which the player could get stuck in.
  • Fixed the player bouncing in the saddle while sprinting with Ouranosaurus.
  • Fixed some spawn points not having room for all 3 potential followers.
  • Fixed being able to quick-equip the journal but then not put it away during the trough tutorial.
  • Fixed Deinonychus in Dapplewood vanishing when they sleep.
  • Added some new seats in the forest.
  • Fixed resource projects dropping undroppable items when scrapped with a full player inventory.
  • Fixed the desert gateway resource project dropping items in an unreachable position when scrapped with a full player inventory.
  • Fixed hide and seek dinos not randomising and causing errors when playing in Pebble Plaza. (This was introduced 1.2.1.)
  • Fixed a hide & seek dino’s interaction position being way out (behind Pippin’s stall).
  • Fixed Avery’s post-hide&seek mutters blocking other quest chat.
  • PS4 memory fixes to hopefully fix crashes when changing region reported by some players.


  • Fixed incorrect spring onion model being used when the player holds it in their hand.
  • Changed the Pachycephalosaurus animation used for smashing rocks.
  • Fixed Switch saves crashing when the total data size exceeds 1 MB.
  • Fixed incorrect compression settings for Oviraptor’s pattern, causing it to appear solid on Switch/Xbox One.


  • The credits are now played at the end of the main quest.
  • Fixed cheats unlocking too easily on Steam.
  • Fixed certain rare Styracosaurus colours changing for the duration of the cutscene after befriending one.
  • Removed a rogue ghost rock from Dapplewood.


  • Fixed Psittacosaurus and Deinonychus running in circles.
  • Fixed a soft lock when attempting to befriend special dinos you tracked by following footprints.
  • Fixed equipping non-tool items (e.g. produce) triggering the quick equip tutorial. This should also prevent it appearing during taming.
  • Fixed obvious pop-in of Conicosia flowers.
  • Fix for fertilising a seed in any stage other than seeding causing the crop to lose its correct soil status on ripening.
  • Removed the bounce animation from sandstone.
  • Speculative fix for the player very rarely sinking into steep slopes, e.g. in Pebble Plaza.