Dino Diaries #16 – Festivals

August 10, 2023

SPOILER ALERT: This Dino Diaries talks about Festivals in Paleo Pines, and will include spoilers for what those festivals entail. If you want to be surprised by the festivals, it’s best to come back here once the full game launches and you have a chance to play through them.

Howdy Ranchers!


In Paleo Pines, we have our own special events that bring people together and that’s what we’re going to explore in this Dino Diaries.

Festivals are a time to celebrate, to connect with others, and to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. In Paleo Pines, festivals are a way to enhance the sense of community and the passage of time. Some festivals are beautiful, some are funny and some are simply a way to celebrate life with dinos.

We’ve drawn inspiration from the change of seasons we see in the game and have three main festivals that occur every year; Triassea Picnic, Shenanigan and Wisdom Day.

Each festival has a main activity that you can participate in, and by completing these activities, you will unlock decor items that can only be obtained during the festivities. 

Triassea Picnic


Our community picnic takes place in the season of Triassea. In this season also comes your first experience with different types of crops that have multiple uses in the world – which is definitely worth celebrating!!

This will be the first community gathering you experience – all islanders meet in the Valley to exchange dishes and recipes. This encourages you to interact with the residents and to learn more about different crops and flavours.

Let’s not leave our dinos out! The community also makes a giant pile of food for both befriended and wild dinos to eat from. The pile of food stays for a few days depending on the amount of food donated and attracts rare dinos.  

Paleo Tip: The species of the dinos interested in the food will be determined by the predominant flavour of the pile, that you can alter!



Shenanigan takes place in Jurassos, a tropical time of year when the world around you really comes to life!

Avery, the dinosaur trainer, shows up in Pebble Plaza during this time with his troupe of tiny friends and puts on an entertaining event for the locals.

The whole community is abuzz and ready for Hide And Seek. The rules are simple, you must look around Pebble Plaza to find ten small dinosaurs as quickly as possible, with a prize for finding them all, and a bigger prize if you beat your own record. And don’t fret if you can’t find them all, everyone gets a prize for taking part in the festival fun.

You will also get to witness some street performances from Avery’s companions!

Wisdom Day


This festival takes place in Cretumnus, a time of coloured leaves and sunsets. It’s the end of the yearly cycle and the falling leaves remind us about the virtue of letting go. 

Our main activity for Wisdom Day symbolises just that – as well as trying new things and finding balance.

The community gets together and writes the things in their lives they want to let go on a stick. They then throw it into the river and race it to the next bridge. In the course of the race, you can find leaf piles of different scales which contain nice rewards, but you will only keep it if you make it to the bridge before the stick does! Otherwise you will receive a consolation prize.

Budding Day


Each home in Paleo Pines is special. They have been expertly built, having been made with great care and respect for the tree that the house is connected with. It is considered the birth of a beautiful bond between humans and nature.

Budding Day has become a widely known tradition in the community. It’s a celebration of the bond between each person and their home tree, observed every year on the date that the tree became their home – much like a birthday!

Your budding day is celebrated on the anniversary of you moving to the island. As part of this celebration, your neighbours will bring you gifts in the form of produce or cooked food.

And that’s it for this Dino Diaries! We hope you’re looking forward to you joining in our festivities!


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